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Created in 1984 (agreement NASA-CNES-CNRS-Université Paris XI), the Orsay Planetary Picture library (PPO) is part of a network of 17 "Regional Planetary Image Facilities" (RPIF) established by NASA in the USA, Europe, Israel and Japan in order to allow the scientific community to have easy access to global data (pictures and maps) from the US space missions.

The PPO currently includes imaging from lunar and planetary missions: Lunar Orbiters, Clementine, 6-7-9-10 Mariner, Viking 1-2 (Orbiters and Landers), Mars Pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Venera 15 — 16, Magellan, Galileo and Voyager 1-2, which represents more than 200 000 images supplied by NASA in the form of negatives, photomosaiques, video and CD-ROM.

The PPO is located in the laboratory IDES (UMR 8148 CNRS) in the science campus (building 509) at the University of Paris-Sud in Orsay. (Essonne)

The PPO has been founded by Dr. MASSON, Professor at the University of Paris-Sud and Principal Investigator of the NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program. It is headed by François Costard.

The facility presentation poster

(D Gaspard, L Delabesse, 2003)

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The facility poster
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