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EU 7: Physiography and geological evolution of planets

The objective of this course is to provide general knowledge of comparative planetary geology by addressing key mechanisms that build and shape the planetary surface, ie: volcanism, tectonics, and impact craters. The courses also cover basic methods for planetary geology such as age estimate using crater density. The module takes into account various aspects of Earth Sciences (geology, geophysics, geodynamics) and more specific aspects to the planets (impact craters). Students will have to read and discuss scientific article for each theme.

NB : The water cycle on Mars will be addressed in the module "Climate Systems and Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres."

1 - General physiography of planetary bodies
- Description of the different views of body and space missions
- Terrestrial planets
- Icy Satellites
- Geology of the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars

2 - Impact Craters and geological methods of dating planetary surfaces
- Training of impact craters
- Crater impact on Earth
- Use of craters as geological markers
- Use of craters as chronological markers
- Geological mapping on the planets

3 - Drivers of planetary evolution

4 - geodynamics and thermal evolution of planets, reminders
- Forms of the planets, the concept of the geoid and crustal thickness
- Models of mantle convection
- Comparative thermal evolution of terrestrial planets

5 - volcanism and tectonics of terrestrial bodies
- Volcanism compared terrestrial planets (including Io)
- Tectonics of Venus
- Compressive and extensional deformation on Mars, Mercury and the Moon
- Cases of Valles Marineris (Mars)

6 - The Galilean satellites
- Surface ice processes
- The nucleus and the magnetic field of planets

Person to contact :

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