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EU 14: Training on Observational methods at OHP

The Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, the Universities Paris 6, Paris 7 and Versailles-Saint-Quentin organise a training session for Master 2 students from Recherche Environnement atmosphérique and changement climatique, Physical Methods in Remote Sensing, Planetology and Artic Studies. This formation called SIMO (stage d’initiation aux méthodes d’observations) is organized at Observatoire de Haute Provence (OHP) during the Fall.

The group of students spends 4 days at OHP with about 10 scientists. They stay on site at Jean Perrin’s house. In the field, the instrumentation for atmospheric probing and for astronomical observations are presented in small groups. The students can observe and document themselves on the instrumentation, ask questions to local operators and to the scientists, and thus foresee applications of the theoritical knowledge they receive. These visits are completed by courses on experimental set-ups and on the methods for astronomical and atmospheric physics measurements. The presentations allow to discover themes and scientific results obtained at OHP with the 80 and 120 cm telescopes, and through OHP’s operational missions of observation (eg. NDACC). Especially, the lattest discoveries in astronomy are presented : exoplanets, Mars, etc...

Finally, practicals are proposed to the students on diverse instruments such as ozone or temperature Lidars, SAOZ, greenhouse gases analysers etc. These allow students to observe in-situ and by themselves the atmospheric composition of the atmosphere, and allow them to get familiarized with these technics and their scientific utility. During nightime, the students carry out astronomical observations of the 80 cm and 120 cm telescopes, which allow them the visual observation of planets and the acquisition of images from remarkable tools (planets, nebulas, galaxies...) to assess properties from the Universe.

Evaluation is done during practicals, usually on the theme of Databases.

Persons in charge

- Dr Irène Xueref-Remy (for all students) LSCE, Gif-sur-Yvette, France - E-mail : irene.xueref[@robas]lsce.ipsl.fr
- Dr Emmanuel Marcq (for M2 Planétologie students) LATMOS, Guyancourt, France - E-mail : emmanuel.marcq[@robas]latmos.ipsl.fr

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