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Julien Gargani

Dr. Julien Gargani
Associate Professor
Head of the Centre d’Alembert->http://www.centre-dalembert.univers...
Earth Science Department, GEOPS
bat. 509, University of Paris-Sud
91405 Orsay, France
Tel. +33(0)1 69 15 75 92
Fax: +33(0)1 69 15 48 82


    — Extremes Environments and Geomorphological Crisis

    — Complex interactions in environmental systems

    — Physic of the Earth (numerical modelling, experimental approach)

    — Seasonal activities on Mars

    — Messinian Crisis (5.96-5.33Ma)

    — History and Philosophy of Sciences and Technics

    — Geo-archeology, interdisciplinary studies


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    2007 Associate Professor at the Earth Science Department, University of Paris-Sud

    2006-07 Post-doc position at IFP

    2004-06 Post-doc position at University of Maine


    2012 Habilitation (HDR) at University of Paris-Sud

    2000-04 PhD at Mines Paris-Tech

    1999-00 Master degree in Geophysics, University of Paris-Sud and ENS

    1998-99 Master degree in Philosophy and history of Science, University of La Sorbonne

    1997-98 Bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Physics, University of Paris-Sud (and University of Pisa, Italy)


    2014-2018 Kelly Pasquon, post-doc CEREMA/GEOPS

    2009-2012 Gwenael Jouannic, now Research Associate at LRP-cerema, France

    2008-2011 Antoine Séjourné, now Associate Professor at Univ. Paris-Sud

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