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Frédéric Schmidt

Doc. Frédéric Schmidt
Earth Science (section 35)
Earth Science Departement
Science Faculty Orsay
F-91405 Orsay Cedex (France)
University Paris Saclay
Tel : (+33) 1 69 15 61 52
E-mail : frederic [.] schmidt [@] universite-paris-saclay [.] fr

En français

Research area

My research are focused on planetary geology and especially volatiles exchanges between surface and atmosphere on Mars using geomorphology, photometry and spectroscopy approach. I am also interested by advanced signal treatment methods and statistics of geological field.

Research theme

Geysers and spiders on Mars

CO2 cycle on Mars

Hyperspectral image classification toolkit

3D model of planets to print


The list of students that I had the chance to supervised is available in this link.

Scientific communication

Bibliometry and scientometry

Almost complete list of internationals publications and communications (NASA ADS)

Almost complete list of internationals publications and communications (Google Scholar)

PhD thesis (in French)

Habilitation thesis (in French)


Responsible for the Licence 2nd year unit Geos 233 Photo-interpretation

Responsible for the Licence 3rd Modelization for Geosciences

Responsible for the Master 1st year unit Geos 411 Surface remote sensing

Responsable for the Master 2nd year unit Geos 559 Geological cartography

Responsible for the Master 2nd year unit Geos 577 / UE 7 Physiography of the Planets

Scientific and administratives responsabilities

Scientific Head of the Planetary Surface Hub CNES/CNRS/INSU

In charge of the Master STePE in Planetary Science and Space exploration

Elected member CCSU Council of University Paris-Sud

Co-Investigator of OMEGA instrument (Mars Express/ESA)

Co-Investigator of PFS instrument (Mars Express/ESA)

Guest Investigator of ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (ESA)

Planetary Science courses online

Master 2nd year (in french)

Links to other interesting planetary Sciences courses online

Planet Terre : Geology (in french)

Shane Byrne : Planetary Science

Solar System School of Braunschweig and Göttingen

Job announcement

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