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Cursus of Planetology Ile de France

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The cursus of Planetology of Paris is a set of Master in Planetary Science in the french educational formation proposed since the 2004, and opened both to french and foreign students. It deals with comparative planetology and the related topics, such as astrobiology. This formation is both inter-institutes (universities, research institutes) and interdisciplinary (physics, chemistry, geology, biology...). It is dedicated both to students who want to aquire sturdy knowledge or/and tools to follow researches in the field of planetology, and to those who simply want to extend their general knowledge to this amazing scientific field.

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Master 1st year

The courses proposed at the Master 1st year level are in limited number for some partners. The proposed units, are proposed as introductive courses devoted to present some particular aspects of planetology with the aim to widen the students knowledge, and also to facilitate their studies orientation (Master M2, PhD). Since 2015-2016, University Paris Saclay proposes a full Master M1 year "Planetary Science and Space Exploration".

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Master 2nd year

At the Master 2nd year level, the students can either follow a "full" cursus of planetology (in one of the two proposed specialities, i.e. physics or geology), or mix with other units of other formations, with the prevailing agreement of the teachers of the different formations who must check the coherence of the students choice. The choice of the teaching units in the cursus is done with the responsible of the cursus and all the teacing team. The M2 level can lead to a PhD thesis in Planetary Science, but also in approaching specialities such as Environment or Astrophysics.

Courses for the update of knowledge in physics will be proposed to the students who have followed a cursus in Earth Sciences. These courses will be given during a week before the starting of the school year. These courses will be also accessible to the other students.

The status of the cursus of planetology changes from a participating institution to another, depending on the local organization of the new universitary cursus issued from the current reform of the french universities. This difference in the status of the training in the different participating institutions has no practical incidence on the organisation of the training, and on the follow of the studies (PhD...).

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This site aims at providing information on the cursus of planetology, including its content and the requirements to fulfill to apply for the different sections proposed in the formation. For the moment, information in english are restricted to a few items, but translation of all the parts of the site should be achieved quite soon. If you do not understand the non translated parts, or you need for complementary information, you are invited to contact the responsibles for the formation in the institute you plan to subscribe, or the responsible for the formation, F. Schmidt.

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